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Samples of Libra’s Novel Low Salt Betaines are flying out the door!


The latest samples of ultra-low salt betaine are leaving site, on their way to formulators who are itching to get them into their laboratories.

Libra’s latest product range gives formulators great freedom to include betaines at 10 -12% in their products, which results in fabulous efficacy, greater viscosity control, easier processing, and clearer water-white formulations.

Market trends are away from sulphates containing “harsh” synthetic surfactants (alcohol and alcohol ether sulphates) and towards milder, greener, naturally derived and more sustainable surfactants

Sulphates are associated with residual ppm levels of toxic 1,4 dioxane in personal care applications. Specifically, 1,4 dioxane will be banned in personal care products in the US during 2022.

Sulphates are well known to strip natural oils from hair creating dryness, frizz and brittleness, as well stripping colour from dyed hair.

Using low salt betaine in conjunction with other anionic surfactants offers excellent lathering and cleansing properties in many applications.

Replacing sulphate with standard betaine at similar inclusion levels in formulation is difficult due to the high chloride electrolyte levels which adversely affect formulation. Libra’s low salt betaine removes this barrier and enables high levels of betaine inclusion with stable and clear formulations.

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