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At Libra, we want to ensure that your finished product is a great success. To do this we have carefully selected our portfolio of products to support your formulations. We manufacture a variety of high-quality ingredients for the Personal Care market including Cosmetics, Toiletries, Hair Care, Skin Care & Sun Care.

About Libra’s Personal Care Development

All our personal care ingredients are developed onsite at our Manchester UK plant and analysed by a variety of techniques, including High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HLPC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Ion Chromatography (IC) and Potentiometric Titration.  Our manufacturing processes are carefully controlled and are continuously monitored during production.

Examples of Our Personal Care Products

Dioctyl Sulphosuccinates

Libratex MS3 is compatible with other anionic and non-ionic surfactants and is used as a mild surfactant in hand, body care and baby care products.

Quaternary Compounds

Libraquat PQ7 is a cationic copolymer and is designed to condition hair and to give skin a smooth feel.


Our market leading range of Librateric Betaines include both high and low active formulations made with either HCNO, PKO or refined fatty acid, with a variety of preservative systems to suit your formulatory needs.

Alkyl Polyglucosides (APGs)

The Libracare series is a range of non-ionic surfactants derived from renewable raw materials – fatty alcohols from coconut oil and palm kernel oil, and glucose from corn. These products are very mild, low in toxicity and readily biodegradable.


The Libranol series of coco diethanolamides offer a wide range of benefits, such as building viscosity, solubilisers, conditioning agents and foam modifiers.

Libra Speciality Chemicals’ products ensure marketing leading quality, delivered globally at competitive prices.


All our personal care products are available in 200 kg drums, 1000 kg IBC’s and bulk tankers.

For more information about any of our personal care products, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.

Tel: +44 161 775 1888




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