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Anti-Pollution Surfactants for Skin Care

anti pollution surfactants for skincare and personal care


The everyday exposure to air pollution predominately caused by the burning fossil fuels, factories emissions, transportation, mining, and agricultural activities.

These cause harmful emissions to be release in the atmosphere including, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and several other dangerous air toxins and toxic, oily molecules.

Harmful toxins which are lingering in the air are absorbed by the skin’s pores. Once the toxins accumulate on the skin, they block the pores and it reduces the skin’s oxygenation, over time it can cause damage to the skin.

The effects of pollution can cause:

Dilated pores

Appearance of blackheads or pimples


Premature aging

Dryness and dehydration & more…

Libra Speciality Chemicals manufactures a range of anti-pollution surfactants for skin care brands that reduce the damaging effects of pollution of the skin by effective cleansing.

All products in the Personal Care range are aimed to be microbiologically pure.

Surfactants from our anti-pollution range include:

These products help to remove pollutants from the skin. These products are super-efficient detergents but also kind to skin, due to being pH balanced.

These contain glycerine that acts as a humectant, providing a molecular barrier over the skin which helps to moisturise the skin, whilst also helping to protect it from attack by harmful pollutants.

PQ7 helps to form a protective barrier over the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft, non-greasy, smooth, and moisturised.

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