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Libra’s state-of-the-art, multifunctional Betaine manufacturing plant

Libra Betaine plant supplying personal care surfactants


Having recently opened in Manchester, UK, Libra’s dedicated plant is now manufacturing a new series of 30% and 38% active betaines /amphoteric surfactants , serving its global customer base with a broader offering of top-quality amphoteric surfactants. Over just 30 months, the multi-million-pound fully computerised plant has been designed, built and fully commissioned to include a 30,000 litre intermediate cocamidopropyl amine reactor, two alkylation reactors – one of 60,000 litres and another of 35,000 litres – and a distillation column.

The alkylation reactors are constructed from an innovative duplex alloy to provide the highest purity of betaine. The Betaines are bound for both UK and export markets.The new plant equips Libra with an impressive additional production capacity of over 32,000 tonnes per annum of amphoteric surfactants, supplied in either 200 kg drums, 1,000 kg intermediate bulk containers, or full-bulk tankers, to suit customer requirements.

The plant is also accredited to EFfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients) to ensure the highest quality of betaines for the personal care and cosmetics markets, as well as for a whole range of HI&I applications.

Key plant benefits: 

  • Reactors made from special materials of construction – 2205 duplex alloy stainless steel. Betaine contains salt, which can react with ordinary 304 and 316L stainless steel, resulting in iron contamination in the product from the reactor wall. 2205 provides superior pitting and crevice corrosion resistance to prevent this.
  • Free amine <0.3% (industry norm is <0.5%), therefore less irritancy.
  • Free MCA usually <10ppm (industry norm is <20ppm), therefore less irritancy.
  • Ability to produce 635 Tonnes per week (32,800tpa) at full capacity.
  • Large 100 Tonne bulk storage tanks, making product readily available for all customers.
  • Plant is fully automated – AI adapts process to improve product quality.
  • Full automation means low labour costs – only one operator/shift to run this 32,000tpa plant. More price competitive.
  • Large reactors, up to 60 Tonnes per batch with high yield and energy efficiency. More price competitive.

The Librateric product range:

The range of Librateric products offers everything that might be expected from top quality betaines – stability over a wide pH range; compatibility with anionic, non-ionic and cationic surfactants; all at a competitive price, and with market-leading manufacturing and sustainability standards.

The Librateric range product properties:

  •  High foaming capabilities (even in high electrolyte solutions)
  •  Low foamers
  •  Viscosity Modifiers
  •  Emulsifiers
  •  Detergents
  •  Stabilizers for rinse off hair and body products

Testimonial – Libra’s chairman & CEO, Graham Royle 

‘Our new betaines plant is yet another landmark development for Libra, and for the UK chemical manufacturing industry as a whole. I am extremely proud of both my team and that we continue to drive innovation and investment in the chemical industry in the North West of England, whilst maintaining our reputation for combining market-leading quality with the World Class service that our global customers have come to know and expect from us.’

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