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Chemistry Corner – Wetting

Wetting is the ability of a liquid droplet to spread over a surface. Wetting agents are also known as surfactants – surface active agents.

Wetting agents are substances that reduce the surface tension of water to allow it to spread droplets onto a surface, increasing the abilities of a liquid. Lowering the surface tension lowers the energy required to spread droplets onto a film, thus weakening the cohesive properties of the liquid and strengthening its adhesive properties, increasing its penetrating, and spreading qualities through previously water repellent surfaces.


Increased wetting gives significantly better coverage of liquid on a surface, which is especially important in many applications including Cleaning, Personal Care, Crop Care and Dyeing of Textiles. Surfactants work in solutions, therefore the better the wetting ability, the better the surfactant can do its job.

Wetting and Libratex DOS – Complementary Ingredients

At Libra Speciality Chemicals, our range of surfactants possess exceptional wetting abilities, making them suitable for a variety of uses. Libratex DOS is one of our bestselling surfactants from the series for wetting abilities, it is used in many industrial applications for its excellent wetting; however, it also is an excellent foamer and provides good foam stabilisation.

The Libratex DOS series consists of anionic surfactants of dodecylbenzene sulphonic acid, including its neutralised salt versions, and dioctyl sulphosuccinates. These exhibit a wide range of properties making them suitable for use in a variety of applications. The sodium salts have excellent detergency for use in cleaning formulations, whilst the ammonium and amine salts are excellent emulsifiers in water soluble systems.

Libratex DOS70PG is anionic in character and therefore is compatible with other anionic and non-ionic surfactants. Libratex DOS70PG may be used in conjunction with non-ionic surfactants to give improved high temperature stability. Acid is neutralised using several alkalis to form the salts in the Libratex Series.

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