Emulsion Manufacturing Facility

Libra Speciality Chemicals - Wax & Oil Emulsion Manufacturing Facility
Wax & Oil Emulsion Manufacturing

The Libra site has a purpose built Emulsion manufacturing facility including wax melters, high shear mixers and an APV homogeniser ensuring we are able to manufacture a comprehensive range of emulsions.

The Libra Speciality Chemicals emulsion manufacturing facility consists of:

  • Two 3m3 wax melters with variable speed anchor agitation supplying 2.5m3, 6.5m3 and 11m3 emulsion vessels of 316 s/s construction
  • High shear mixing, variable speed agitation and two stage APV homogenisation up to 5000PSI/350 Bar
  • Steam heating to 150°C with high capacity cooling system ensure we can manufacture complex emulsions of the highest quality
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