Solids Handling Facility

Libra Speciality Chemicals - Solids handling facility

Libra Speciality Chemicals has a solids handling facility that is able to process a variety of powder and granular products.

This facility provides gentle blending using a Archimedean screw system. In addition we have grinding and kibbling facility give a flexible bespoke service for your needs.

  • 2 Stainless Steel Nauta Mixers of 3m3 capacity offer excellent blending of up to 3 Tonne batches dependant on bulk density of powders. Working on an Archimedean screw system the blenders give a very gentle mixing action preventing the formation of excess fines in the blend.
  • A KEK Turbine Milling Plant gives a grinding capacity of 3 Tonnes/hr. Producing powders with a particle size range from 250 – 50 micron spread.
  • A Blackfriars Kibbler operates up to 3 Tonnes/hr. giving a kibbled product for high melting products.

The selection of solids processing equipment in our dedicated facility offers a wide range of capabilities:-

  • Powder blending of a variety of products with different particle sizes and the capable of mixing liquid – powder blends.
  • Kibbling solid material into small pea size to powder size particles.
  • Product reworking and repacking of damaged or compacted stock.
  • Packaging sizes from 5lt to 30lt buckets and bags, 200lt drums, 1m3 bulk bags.
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