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EFfCI Announcement

Libra Speciality Chemicals has achieved EFfCI certification, confirming compliance with the EFfCI Supply Chain Certification Standard. This reinforces our commitment to the quality of cosmetic ingredients. This is critical in assuring the safety and high a standard of cosmetic products and related personal care products. Therefore, applying the EFfCI principles to cosmetic ingredients is essential in guaranteeing our customers can be assured of consistent quality, providing peace of mind.

“The Formula to our success has been, and will continue to be… Total Customer Satisfaction; it’s the driving force behind everything we do

Meeting the Needs of customer Quality

As the demand from both consumers and retailers for outstanding quality and traceability of product manufacturing gathers momentum. This is momentum is met with EFfCI-accreditation, a globally recognised body, giving confidence that all cosmetic products manufactured at Libra are fully traceable from start of manufacture to delivery to the customer.  Libra’s ability to provide EFfCI-certified cosmetic products, provides Libra’s customers the added confidence of “peace of mind” manufacturing and traceability.

Guaranteeing EFfCI quality across the Libra portfolio

Product ranges that will carry the EFfCI certification include Libranox (Amine Oxide, non-ionic surfactants), Libranol (alkanolamide surfactants) and Libraquat PQ7 (Polyquaternium 7, Cationic) have a large number of applications across the household cleaning and personal care industries.

“The quality of cosmetic ingredients is critical to meeting the requirements of our customer. Achieving EFfCI certification demonstrates we are not only meeting those expectations but striving to exceed them.” commented Dr. Rob Wiles, Technical Manager, Libra.

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