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Environmental Policy – ISO 14001

At Libra, we passionately believe that business can be a force for positive change. Moreover, we believe that we have an obligation to make a positive contribution to society by minimising any negative impacts our operations have on the environment. Our commitment to the environment is longstanding, we have been accredited to the ISO 14001 for over 10 years.

“ISO 14001 has become the international standard for designing and implementing an environmental management system. The standard is published by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization), an international body that creates and distributes standards that are accepted worldwide. The most recent version of the environmental management system requirements was published in 2015 and is referred to as “ISO 14001:2015.” The standard was agreed upon by a majority of member countries before being released and updated, and as such it has become an internationally recognized standard accepted by many countries around the world.” (Advisera, 2020) This framework introduces company policies to help organisations improve their environmental performance, reduce waste, and improve their resource efficiency.

At Libra, we have made it our mission to be environmentally friendly in every aspect of our organisation. We aim to minimise the effect our business has on the environment and to ensure ongoing compliance with the ISO 14001 standard by conducting regular internal and external audits and abiding by a policy of continuous improvement. The ISO 14001 accreditation enables us to work toward better processes and reduced environmental impacts in a systematic way.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Regulatory & Quality Officer or visit our website.


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