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Why ‘Green Chemistry’ is a Term We All Need to Familiarise Ourselves With

Sustainability is a word that all of us are familiar with. But why is it so important within our industry?

With the ever-looming threat of the environmental damage to our planet becoming increasingly irreversible unless we act immediately, it is vital that we all look at production from a sustainable point of view. The need for long term change is more pertinent than ever before.

The principles of ‘Green Chemistry’ aim to harness chemical innovation so that the ever-increasing demand for sustainable production can be met. Utilising the principles of ‘Green Chemistry’ means that we can significantly reduce environmental damage, while promising our planet a prosperous future.

Libra’s ‘Green Chemistry’ and Anti-Pollution Initiatives

At Libra, we are passionate about contributing towards a greener future, our environmental policy and close work with the ‘Green Chemistry’ principles reflects this. For over ten years, we have been accredited to the ISO14001. The ISO14001 standard requires us to set challenging environmental targets and objectives which are defined through a detailed environmental risk assessment. A key feature of this is to demonstrate our continuous environmental performance improvement, this underpins what we do here at Libra and emphasises our efforts to contribute towards a greener future.

As well as our environmental policies, we have anti-pollution initiatives in place that significantly contribute towards pollution reduction. E.G. We take steps to minimise pollution by outsourcing our IBCs and drums to be reconditioned or recycled. It goes without saying that this is much more sustainable than sending them to waste disposal or landfill sites. As well as this, we source the vast majority of products from recycled materials, and we are constantly looking for ways to sustainably source products with longevity in mind.

Reducing energy and water usage is of paramount importance to us here at Libra, both in our production process and in storage. E.G. We have installed energy efficient lighting where possible around site and we use thermostatic temperature control so that we can use the minimum amount of energy necessary for production.

Our Low Salt Betaine technology has been designed with reduced water consumption in mind. Libra’s design reduces the overall water consumption tenfold compared to a more standard system. This exciting new technology really emphasises that thinking sustainably is really at the forefront of what we do here at Libra.

As innovation within our industry reaches an all-time high, it is important that we keep a sustainable future mind.

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