Libra Agrochemicals – non-ionic, anionic & amphoteric surfactants


Is a material that is added to a tank mix to aid or modify the action of an agrochemical, or the physical characteristics of the tank mix. There are two types of adjuvant: activator and utility. An “Activator” will modify the biological effect of the material being applied and can act as: spreader, wetter, penetrant, sticker or humectant. A “Utility” will modify the physical characteristics of the mixture and is classed as a compatibility agent, wetting agent, foamer or foam controller.


An emulsifier is a material that will allow the formation of a stable emulsion (a fluid system in which liquid droplets are dispersed in a liquid medium), by increasing the “kinetic stability”.

Dispersing Agent

A well dispersed formulation will give consistent and even field application of the active ingredient. A dispersant is employed to ensure the active ingredient is uniformly suspended in the liquor.

Wetting Agent

Is a substance that increases the ability of the water (or aqueous solution) to displace air from a surface. It will decrease the surface tension of the liquid allowing it to “wet” the surface.


Is a material that increases the area that a droplet of a given volume of spray mixture will cover on a target.
Sticker allows the product to be retained on target after the water carrier has evaporated and prevents it from being removed by physical contact, wind or rain


LibraGrow SS – Sulphosuccinates

Excellent wetting agents and aids in micro-emulsion formation.

LibraGrow NSA and Salts

Find application as wetting agents, and are also used in the production of emulsion concentrates and suspension concentrates.

LibraGrow PE – Alkyl Ether Phosphates

These products are versatile compounds for agrochemical applications. Depending on the hydrophobe from which they are produced they can be used as dispersants, hydrotropes, emulsifiers, compatibility agents and in the production of micro-emulsions.


LibraGrow – Alcohol Ethoxylates

Alcohol ethoxylates – are employed as wetting agents and emulsifiers.

LibraGrow – Alkyl Polyglucoside

These green surfactants are used as emulsifiers and wetting agents.

LibraGrow – LF Alcohol Alkoxylates

The main application for these materials is as emulsifiers, but they do find application as wetting agents for some systems.

LibraGrow COP – Block Co-polymers

Applications for these compounds include dispersants, emulsifiers and wetting agents. These products are low foaming surfactants.

Non-ionics / Amphoterics

LibraGrow CE – Castor Oil Ethoxylates

Are used in a number of formulations as emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers and are particularly effective when used with anionic emulsifiers.

LibraGrow SE – Sorbitan Esters

These materials are used as emulsifiers in are very effective at forming oil in water emulsions.

LibraGrow AMP – Amphoteric Surfactants

Speciality surfactants used as wetting agents and Dispersants in agrochemical formulations.

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