Libra Water Treatment

Libra Speciality Chemicals is developing a range of water treatment products for use in industrial process waters and land remediation.

Librasol Polyacrylates

This range of products can be used in scale and corrosion inhibition and in the dispersion of carbonates, sulphates and sparingly soluble salts within industrial process water treatment applications. Librasol products can be combined with other components such as acids, alkalis, phosphonates and chelating agents to produce effective antiscalant and anticorrosion formulations.

Libra AF-Antifoams

Libra Speciality Chemicals has begun development of a new range of antifoams and defoamers for use in domestic, commercial and industrial antifoaming applications. This technology is based around silicone oils, vegetable oils and speciality defoaming agents and these products can be used in a number of different areas including:

  • Effluents
  • Aqueous drilling muds
  • Paper and paperboard production
  • Potato and vegetable processing
  • Waste Management and Recycling
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