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Internal Account Coordinator’s!

Here at Libra, our Internal Account Coordinators consist of a team of three; Vazeima Fayyaz, Meg Barber and Ben Juin. Their job role is to work with clients to identify their needs and improve customer satisfaction. Their duties include developing and renewing sales proposals, generating sales and assisting Account Executives.



Get to know the Internal Account Coordinator Team!

We asked Vazeima about past experience and what she enjoys the most about her role at Libra…

Vazeima has had past experience working in Engineering dealing with administration of safety inspections of vessels/tanks, like those used here at Libra.  Vazeima states “the commercial team here at Libra and this role was exactly the challenge I was looking for as it is very much a fast-paced and dynamic work environment – no two days are ever the same! It has been fascinating learning about the types of products that are manufactured and supplied by Libra; but also seeing the whole process from winning business, sourcing material, to production and finally delivery. I believe the importance placed on building a good relationship with customers and having the willingness to go above and beyond to deliver is the key motivator in this role. I feel we have a great team here and we all pride ourselves on hitting targets and ensuring we are continuously succeeding”.


We asked Meg about past experience and what she enjoys the most about her role at Libra…

Meg has been in the sales industry for just over three years and states her favourite part of this role here at Libra is “constantly learning about the different products we manufacture, and how they’re used in various industries. I see Libra breaking more sale records and expanding across different continents. It is a very exciting time to be at Libra. One of my favourite aspects of my role is building a good working relationship with my customers as communication is key. I’m motivated by being able to help my customers, no matter how big or small the request is, as ultimately building these relationships is integral within sales. I enjoy being able to learn from others in the team and approaching new situations. We work well together to deliver results to our customers, and there is always someone willing to help”.


We asked Ben about past experience and what he enjoys the most about his role at Libra…

Having worked in customer service and sales since leaving university, Ben has had amazing opportunities working alongside customers from a variety of different backgrounds and sectors.  Ben states “like any business, Libra would not be where it is without its customers, so it is important to provide the best customer service and to continuously look to maintain and strengthen these relationships. During my time at Libra I have had the pleasure of seeing the company grow so much in a short period of time and I look forward to being part of the future of Libra, seeing it continuously grow and innovate”.


All of our Internal Account coordinators are a very valuable part of the team here at Libra. We want to take this opportunity to thank them all for all their continued hard work, dedication and commitment to the business.


For more information about our Internal Account Coordinators job role, or any of our other quality products, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.

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