KLK OLEO nonionic surfactants

Official distributors for KLK OLEO

Kolb is part of  the global company KLK OLEO. Integrated along the whole value chain, Kolb offers a wide product range as well as access to all services to better meet customer needs.

Kolb manufactures non-ionic surfactants, paper process chemicals and chemical intermediates, employing  around 270 people. The company processes natural and synthetic raw materials into high-quality products at its production sites in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Product manufacturing is based on their own production methods in the field of alkoxylation, esterification and special processes. Amongst their strengths is the flexibility with which they tackle the market. Their services include consulting on optimal application of products, product development in strong cooperation with partners and customers, and rapid identification of needs and provision of solutions – even in unforeseen situations.

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