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Libra signs a letter of Intent with Isreali distributor, BSC

Libra Specialty Chemicals signs a letter of Intent with Israeli distributor, BSC

On Wednesday 4th September Libra Speciality Chemicals and Israeli distributor BSC (Distributor of speciality chemicals) signed a letter of intent. The signed agreement solidifies that BSC will distribute Libra products forthcoming thoughout Israel. BSC distributes Libra products from the following market sectors: Personal Care, Household Care, Industrial & Institutional, Metal Working and Agriculture for the next ongoing year.

Libra signs with BSC distributor

Shira MccNair (BSC) and Jon Dutton (Libra Specialty Chemicals) after signing the letter of intent in Israel

About us:

We are a growing UK speciality chemicals manufacturer. We produce surfactants for a wide range of market sectors. Our surfactants have market leading properties, which are retained by hundreds of customers worldwide. Our priority as a business is to provide every customer with exceptional customer service. When choosing our international partners we make sure that they align with our customer service requirements.

About BSC:

BSC is a rapidly growing distributor of specialty chemicals they have proven to provide a high standard of service and is Israeli’s largest speciality chemicals distributor. BSC’s market sectors are: Pharmaceutical, Food, Personal care, Home care, Equipment and Agriculture. BSC are the largest Israeli distributor and have an efficient distribution system. We trust that BSC will provide our customers with high quality service throughout Israel.

More about our international distributors:

We ensure that all our distributors meet with our customer service requirements to make sure our customers are satisfied. Our global network has expanded we have partnered with 5 distributors in over 45 countries worldwide. Furthermore, the signed agreement further reinforces the importance of the international market for Libra as it continues to grow.

For any information of sales or distribution at Libra Speciality Chemicals contact:
Tel: +44 (0) 161 775 1888

Alternatively contact BSC any distribution enquiries:

Email – / Tel- +972-9-956-9725 / Web

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