Libranone: Non-Ionic Alcohol Ethoxylates

Libranone: Non-Ionic Alcohol Ethoxylates

Libranone: Non Ionic Alcohol Ethoxylates

Product variants:  9 Series, C Series,12/14 series,13 series, EA series, LF series, P4 series

Active content: 80%-100%

About Libranone: 

The Libranone series contain a range of nonionic surfactant dilutions together with a number of formulated products for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Since the phase-out of alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APE’s) and the move to more environmentally acceptable alternatives based on fatty alcohol ethoxylates, companies have encountered problems in the handling characteristics of these replacement products.


Why choose Libra Speciality Chemicals to manufacture your Libranone?  

In order to assist customers in the handling of these replacement products, Libra offers a range of bespoke formulations. Based on aqueous and solvent dilutions these lower the pour point and reduce the tendency to separate at low temperatures.This is is particularly useful where products have high melting points and can be difficult to handle during winter conditions. Fatty alcohol ethoxylates are prone to phase separation, whilst the pour points of the 100% active materials are generally higher than comparable APE based non-ionics.

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