Librateric: Amphoteric Surfactants


Librateric: Amphoteric Surfactants

About Librateric: Amphoteric surfactants

An Amphoteric surfactant is a chemical compound concomitantly carrying out the anionic and cationic hydrophilic group. It’s chemical structure contains simultaneously hermaphroditic ions and forms a cation or anion dependant on ambient conditions.

The Librateric series are salt free dipropionates, conventional Amphoteric surfactants can contain up to 7% salt. The Librateric series are highly versatile and are compatible with various different types of surfactants, including their stability at high temperatures or in acid and alkaline conditions aids in the performance of the surfactant. Products from the series have low irritancy.

The Librateric can be used to perform a range of tasks including:

  • Detergency
  • Low – moderate foaming capabilities
  • Hydrotropes
  • Solubilisations
  • High Electrolyte Tolerance
  • Lubricity
  • Corrosion Inhibition
  • Flat viscosity response
  • Chloride free
  • Resistant to hard water

The Librateric series applications:

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