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RSPO mass balance surfactants

A Sustainable Impact – Libra’s RSPO Mass Balance Certified Product Range

Over the past few years there has been huge controversy as regards to the sustainability of palm oil in consumer products. To overcome the controversial implications of Palm Oil, The Round table of Sustainable Palm Oil mass balance (RSPO mass balance) organisation was created in 2004. The group was formed to generate awareness of unethical palm oil practices in corporations and to help ensure more sustainability is used with in the Palm Oil trade. Our RSPO Mass Balance products have been sourced by certified plantations, which meet RSPO Mass Balance certified standards.

What are the benefits of palm oil? 

Palm Oil is rich with vitamin A, which has energy boosting properties and strengthens the immune system. The derivatives of Palm Oil /Palm Kernel Oil produces various properties suitable for a wide range of surfactants. The derivatives in palm oil includes: Fatty alcohols, Glycerol and Fatty Acids, which produces moisturising, emollient, texturising and foaming properties.

Why do we promote sustainable palm oil? 

The effects of unsustainable Palm Oil can be detrimental causing: deforestation, habitat losses and pollution. As a socially responsible business we believe that we should offer sustainable Palm Oil options with in our product portfolio. Our aim is to reduce the damaging effects of Palm Oil on the environment and to accommodate consumer demands. When purchasing raw materials with in our supply chain we always look for sustainable, eco-friendly and naturally derived materials to use within our products. With our commitment to change we hope to make an impact towards generating a more sustainable future.

We offer you a range of RSPO Mass Balance products across our portfolio 

Amine Oxides (Personal care, Oil & Gas, HI & I Cleaning) 

  • Libranox CAO
  • Libranox AO12/14

Alkyl Polyglucosides (Personal care, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, HI & I Cleaning) 

  • Libracare APG’s

Alkanolamides (Personal care, Oil & Gas, HI & I Cleaning, Agriculture)

  • Libranol CDG-RPO

If you require further information about our RSPO mass balance range, or any other enquiries contact our sales team: 

Email – / Tel – +44 161 775 1888


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