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Libra Speciality Chemicals are the official sponsors of Christleton RUFC

Libra Speciality Chemicals have recently sponsored Christleton RUFC team in Chester. Christleton RUFC are a community orientated team, they welcome everyone along to their rugby matches and encourage everyone of all ages to participate in Rugby. Last season they sealed victory of the league. Christleton RUFC have high hopes of maintaining their performance during their next season.

Libra has provided the team with a new rugby kit which they will receive in September 2019. Libra have decided to sponsor Christleton RUFC as they want to encourage people to be healthy, participate in sports and be social in the local community.

Libra have also decided to sponsor Christleton as we believe they have mutual shared values, success and encouragement. These positive attributes are what Libra strives to achieve when working in the local community. We want to support our local communities and make sure clubs such as Christleton RUFC thrive and succeed.

At Libra we will be keeping track of the matches and scores and be posting them on our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). Everyone at Libra  be rooting for Christleton RUFC to win their matches and hopefully win the league once again!

The picture above is the RUFC rugby boys following the victory that sealed the league last season.

A new photo of the boys in their brand-new kit will be uploaded on our news-feed and social media over the following weeks. Make sure to keep up to date with our sponsorship following Christleton RUFC.

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Christleton RUFC:

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