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Libra Speciality Chemicals supplies vital performance-enhancing surfactants for surface cleaning products – Libranox: Amine Oxides

The Libranox Series of amine oxides perform as excellent detergents, as well as providing foam boosting and foam stabilising properties. Libranox are often formulated to provide viscosity and dominant cleaning powers as they excel at grease emulsification and soil suspension. The Series produce dense, stable foams which can be used in the formulation of high alkalinity cleaning compounds. Libranox also performs exceptionally when used in industrial cleaning – once the product is sprayed on to a contaminated surface, the amine oxide allows for excellent adhesion to the surface, providing an extended dwell time for the cleaning effect. These products are extensively used with both sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide to produce bleach-based products. The Libranox Series can also be applied in different segmented product categories such as personal care products, (shampoos, bath care and showers gels), as they provide excellent thickening, emollient and emulsifying properties.

Industry-leading amine oxide

Libranox amine oxides exhibit synergistic effects when combined with anionic and other non-ionic surfactants. For example, when used in combination with anionic sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES) they increase its detergency effect.

Libra’s market leading amine oxide surfactants have low residual hydrogen peroxide, less than 800ppm, whilst the industry norm is 1500ppm, and have a crystal clear ‘water white’ appearance, ensuring no impact on the colourant in the finished formulations.



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