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Libranol Range

If you’re looking for a non-ionic surfactant that is compatible with most surfactant types to incorporate into your products, the Libranol series will meet your needs exactly.

The Libranol series are high-quality alkanolamines, a chemical compound that contains amino and hydroxyl groups. The compound is a viscous liquid which produces moderate foam, as well as excellent wetting and thickening properties, making it useful for a variety of applications.

They have applications within the personal care industry, in products such as shampoo and other soaps, as well as a variety of cleaning products in the household, industrial, and institutional cleaning sectors due to its foam boosting, stabilizing and viscosity modifying effects when used with sulphates and other anionic surfactants in liquid formulations. Libranols also prove to be excellent solubilizing agents for perfumes and essential oils.

Libranol Products

·      Libranol CDG  – Coco Diethanolamide and Glycerol

·      Libranol CDE – Coco Diethanolamide

·      Libranol RDG – Rapeseed Diethanolamide and Glycerol


·      Toiletries (Shampoos, bubble baths, hand washers, body and facial cleansers)

·      Hard surface cleaners

·      Degreasers

·      Waterless hand cleaners

·      Chain lubricants

·      Oil field applications (Oil Field Cementing, Oil Field Drilling Fluid, Oil Field Stimulation Fluids)

·      Cutting Fluids, Drawing Compounds

·      Textile and Synthetic Fibres

·      Textile Wettings

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