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Libranox AO 12/14 – High Quality Amine Oxide

About Libranox AO 12/14

Libranox AO12/14 is compatible with a variety of surfactants and provides excellent viscosity control, foam boosting, and grease-cutting properties in many formulations. Libranox AO12/14 exhibits synergistic effects when formulated into both anionic and non-ionic surfactant systems. It is also stable in both acidic and alkaline formulations. Additionally, Libranox AO12/14 creates dense clinging foam when injected into highly alkaline surface cleaners.

Uses of Libranox AO12/14

Libranox AO 12/14 can be applied to cleaning products, they perform as excellent detergents, as well as providing excellent foam boosting and foam stabilising properties. It is often used to provide viscosity and strong cleaning powers and is extensively used with both sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide to produce bleach-based products. The series produces a dense, stable foam which can be used in the formulation of high alkalinity cleaning compounds. It is used in industrial cleaning, once the product is sprayed on to contaminated equipment the amine oxide allows for excellent adhesion to the surface, providing an extended dwell time as required.

Why you should choose Libranox AO12/14

  • Features microbiologically pure (high purity) water.
  • Undetectable levels of residual nitrosamine (<50ppb), which is classed as a carcinogen.
  • Crystal clear ‘water-white’ product, ensuring there is no need for extra colourant in the finished formulation.
  • Very low free amine <0.5% (industry norm is <1.0%), meaning the product has lower irritancy.
  • Low residual hydrogen peroxide. <800ppm (industry norm is <1500ppm).


Libranox AO12/14 is available in 200kg drums, 1000 kg IBCs and bulk road tankers.

For more information about Libranox AO 12/14 or any other products in the Libranox range, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.


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