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Libraphos Phosphate Esters

The Libraphos series of free-acid phosphate esters from Libra Speciality Chemicals are anionic surfactants, suitable for use in a wide range of applications and industries. With market-leading quality that guarantees their stability at high temperatures, whether in acidic or alkaline conditions, Libraphos products offer a significant competitive advantage over other surfactants on the market.

Libraphos phosphate esters are manufactured by either a polyphosphoric acid route (yielding predominantly monoesters) or a phosphorous pentoxide route (yielding predominantly diesters). While the Libraphos range comprises mainly 100% active anionic surfactants, the products of the manufacturing process can also be neutralised to achieve a variety of salts, such as Libraphos L66 – a 65% active potassium salt.

Libraphos – the leading choice for performance and utility

Unlike many of their competitors, Libraphos surfactants are stable at high temperatures, whether in acidic or alkaline conditions. This makes them suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including alkaline detergents, metalworking fluids, agricultural formulations, emulsion polymerisation and textile auxiliaries.

Boasting a broad range of performance functions, products in the Libraphos portfolio are designed to give specific properties, depending on the hydrophobe, phosphation agent and molar ratios used. These properties can determine the selection of Libraphos products for use, for example, in hydrotropes, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants and antistatics.

Top-tier customer service guarantees customer loyalty

‘When choosing Libraphos phosphate esters, our customers know they are getting far more than a top-quality product with broad utility,’ said Richard Lock, Commercial Director, Libra. ‘They are also getting an unparalleled level of customer service from a UK manufacturer that they can trust.’

Customer testimonial

‘We have introduced Libraphos P4 ester as an alternative product for our customer, who had supply issues from a large multinational producer in Europe. Thanks to our good contact with the customer and excellent support of Libra, we were able to supply a sample and trial order quickly. Our customer is using this product in the production of resins that are used in the construction industry and we have forecasted significant consumption in 2019.’ – Miguel Vol, Country Manager, Ravago Chemicals

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