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Libra’s Anti-Pollution Initiatives – IBC & Drum Reconditioning Scheme

To minimise pollution, Libra Speciality Chemicals can outsource their IBCs and drums to be reconditioned or recycled, instead of sending them to waste disposal or landfill sites. IBC and Drum reconditioning is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for the storage and transportation of chemicals.

The process of IBC and Drum reconditioning consists of cleaning, sanitising and leak testing the inner bottle and any lids as well as replacing the valves and gaskets on the container. Damaged IBCs and drums cannot be reconditioned; however, they can still be recycled in the most appropriate method, either by shredding, crushing or granulation.

Libra Specialty Chemicals’ IBC and drum conditioning partner are located within a mile from our site, thus minimising transportation fuel emissions.

“More than ever It is critical that we tackle the waste pollution issue around consumer packaging, partnering with sustainable container companies to recondition our IBCs and drums is something that we are proud to achieve.”

– Company Statement


We offer a collection service where your IBCs and drums can be collected free of charge.

If you would like to find out more information about IBC and Drum collection, please contact us.


Tel: +44 161 775 1888

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