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Libra’s Premium Car Wash & Rinse formulation – Perfect for your Product!

Summer is fast approaching, and sunny weather is on the horizon! When your customers are cleaning their vehicles, they are going to want a high-quality car wash product that leaves them looking like new.

Libra Speciality Chemicals’ car wash and rinse formula delivers a next-level cleaning experience with unrivalled results. It is highly effective at breaking down dirt and road grime, without the need for harsh chemicals. Furthermore, it leaves a glossy, water repellent finish, with no need for handwashing. Using a combination of our own speciality chemicals, we can ensure that your customers’ vehicles will look cleaner than ever!

Preparation procedure for total product

  1. Add water to the vessel.
  2. While gently stirring, slowly add citric acid and sodium hydroxide into the system.
  3. Mix with smooth mechanical agitation until completely dispersed and uniform, with a pH of 10.
  4. Slowly blend in Libraquat PQ7 and mix until uniform. Warm the system to 40 – 45 Celsius, blending with smooth mechanical agitation to achieve viscosity.
  5. Slowly blend in Libracare 0810-70 and mix until uniform.
  6. Add Librateric CAB to the system gradually, while stirring gently.
  7. Remove the heat and blend in Tensagex EOC628HPH, Libranone 916 and Librateric AA 30 sequentially until the mixture is clear.
  8. Add compatible perfume, dye(s), and preservative.
  9. Adjust the pH of the system to pH 10/11 with citric acid/sodium hydroxide solution (50% aqueous) as required.
  10. Mix gently for at least 30 minutes to reach final consistency.


For more information about our premium car wash & rinse formula, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.

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