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LIBRASAN 80L: High Alcohol Liquid Hand Sanitiser


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In addition to our Librasan High Alcohol Hand Sanitiser gel, Libra Speciality Chemicals have added a liquid hand sanitiser to our Librasan product range which is ideal for use in spray bottles.

Librasan 80L hand sanitiser liquid is formulated with 80% alcohol and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that may be lingering on the surface of the skin. Librasan 80L complies with the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended hand rub Formulation 1.

The microbicidal activity of this WHO recommended formulation was tested by WHO reference laboratories according to EN standards (EN 1500). Their activity was found to be equivalent to the reference substance (isopropanol 60% v/v) for hygienic hand antisepsis.

It is the consensus opinion of a WHO expert group that WHO recommended hand rub formulations can be used both for hygienic hand antisepsis and for presurgical hand preparation.

This formula contains glycerine to moisturise the skin, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth once the alcohol has evaporated.

Pack Formats and Other Variants

Librasan hand sanitisers can be supplied in bulk tankers, 1,000 Litre IBC’s and in drums for easy decanting into smaller packaging. We are also open to discussing manufacturing other ethanol concentrations, such as 75%, subject to cost effective volumes.

Our sister company, Expac (Preston) Ltd offer a packing off service in a variety of packaging formats in a range of sizes from 5ml up to 5 litres.

For further information on our LIBRASAN FULLY FORMULATED HIGH ALCOHOL HAND SANITISER gel, please follow the link below.

Enquire online, Call us on: 0161 775 1888 or Email:

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