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Librateric AA Range: Coco Imino Dipropionates

Libraterics are a series of salt-free Dipropionates which are conventional Amphoteric surfactants that can contain up to 7% salt. The Librateric series are highly versatile and are compatible with different types of surfactants. Their stability at high temperatures or in acid and alkaline conditions results in exceptional surfactant performance. Furthermore, products from the Librateric series possess low irritancy which makes them suitable for a variety of applications.

The Librateric AA range is a series of high foam, salt-free, Amphoteric Dipropionate surfactants which act exceptionally well as a foaming agent, hydrotrope and stabiliser in acidic and alkaline solutions containing nonionic surfactants. The Librateric AA range also exhibits synergistic effects with nonionic surfactants, enabling the incorporation of low surfactant levels in formulations. Our Librateric AA range is recommended for industrial cleaning applications that require high foaming.

Librateric AA products

  • Librateric AA 38H, Coco Imino Dipropionate – 38% sodium salt in water
  • Librateric AA 30 (MB), Coco Imino Dipropionate – 30% sodium salt in water
  • Librateric AA 30, Coco Imino Dipropionate – 30% sodium salt in water

Applications of our Librateric AA range

  • Industrial & institutional cleaning
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Food industry cleaning
  • Household & institutional hard surface cleaning.


All of our Librateric AA products are available in 215kg drums, 1000kg IBCs and bulk road tankers.

For more information about our Librateric AA series, or any of our other quality products, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.

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