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Low Salt Betaine Benefits – Librateric DAB-LS


Librateric DAB-LS is a highly exciting, novel 35% active, ultra-low salt (< 0.5%), high pH, self-preserving Laurylamidopropyl betaine, manufactured from stripped, hardened and distilled coconut fatty acid.  The coconut fatty acid is manufactured from certified sustainable Non-GMO Palm Kernel Oil.


Standard betaines contain c6% salt, which causes major issues with viscosity control in formulations, limiting the inclusion levels to c2%. Libra’s new technology produces betaines with ultra-low salt levels, typically 0.5% salt (but can even be 0.05%), giving formulators incredible freedom to include betaines at 10 -12%, offering the opportunity to make fantastic new products.


With a Natural Index* of 0.535 and a Natural Content* of greater that 83% (*to ISO 16128), Librateric DAB-LS is also ideal for your natural origin and additionally Vegan and Halal requirements

There are many benefits of using Librateric DAB-LS low salt betaine including:

  • At < 0.5% sodium chloride, this is just 10% of the level in standard betaine which means that it’s possible to increase the betaine level significantly in your formulation.
  • Librateric DAB-LS can become the primary surfactant in sulphate free formulations when SLS/ SLES is removed.
  • Works well with non-salt tolerant co-surfactants such Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate as it removes the need for a synthetic thickener.
  • The DAB-LS manufacturing process reduces the residual DMAPA to less than 5ppm
  • Enables the formulator to develop more concentrated detergents as a result of much lower salt carry over from Librateric DAB-LS in formulations Vs standard salt betaine.
  • Suitable for applications such as hand wash, body wash, face wash, shampoo, micellar water and concentrated surfactant blends.
  • Mild surfactant
  • High foaming
  • Doesn’t strip colour from dyed hair
  • Excellent Biodegradation profile, readily biodegradable (95% after 28 days)
  • Excellent toxicity profile, non-skin sensitising.


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