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Low-Salt Betaine: The Future of Sulphate-Free Personal Care Formulations

Our new, state of the art low-salt betaine plant

Libra has cut ground on our latest multi-million-pound capital investment programme in Irlam, UK, continuing our commitment to the future of the UK chemical industry. Following on from the construction of our industry-leading betaine plant completed in 2019, we are now installing new technology to produce novel Low-Salt Betaines and expanding the capacity of our betaine plant from 32,000 tpa to 53,000 tpa. Libra’s new technology will produce betaines with ultra-low salt levels, typically < 0.5% salt.

Why Low-Salt Betaine is better than Standard CAPB

We believe our low-salt betaine could be the future primary surfactant of sulphate-free personal care formulations.

Our new low-salt betaine contains just 10% of standard CAPB salt levels. This means that formulation inclusion levels can be increased up to ten times without exceeding the original salt level of the formulation. This also means that low-salt betaine could be used to replace sulphates in sulphate free personal care formulations.

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