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Do You Want To Use Non-Ionic Surfactants In Your Formulations?

Libra Speciality Chemicals has a variety of Non-ionic surfactants ranging from C8 Alcohol Ethoxylates to C16-18 Alcohol Ethoxylates

Non-ionic surfactants

The most widely used products are the Libranone 91 Range:

Libranone 91 series of C 9-11 synthetic alcohol ethoxylates  range in ethoxylation levels from 2.5EO to 12EO and are the work horse Nonionic’s of detergent formulations. The product most widely used in this range is:

Libranone 91/060 (C9-11 alcohol +6EO), it is a very versatile non-ionic and can be used as a go to surfactant, due to its excellent wetting and emulsification properties. This product is used extensively in both cosmetics and toiletries as a perfume solubiliser  and household and Industrial products as a general wetter / emulsifier which enhances removal of oily stains when cleaning.

 The Libranone 91- series are compatible in with both Anionic or Cationic based surfactant systems making it ideal for a wide range of formulations.

Libra Speciality Chemicals can supply C9-11+6EO as 100% active or 96% active (for improved flowability in cold temperatures), below is the example specifications and properties of Libranone 91/060 (C9-11 +6 Ethoxylate), allowing a formulator to incorporate this product into products straight away.

Libranone 91/060 – Specification and Typical properties

Non-ionic Surfactants

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