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Product Blog: Librateric BA – 2-Ethylhexyl Imino Dipropionate

Our Librateric BA series of salt free dipropionates differ from some conventional Amphoteric surfactants that can contain up to 7% salt. Amphoteric surfactants feature the intrinsic ability to change in charge from cationic via zwitterionic (net uncharged) to anionic, upon going from low to high pH.  Our Librateric BA series are extremely versatile and are compatible with a large variety of surfactants. They are stable at high temperatures, in acid and alkaline conditions and in high electrolyte formulations. At Libra, we understand the importance of sustainability. Because of this, our Librateric BA products are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. The BA series meet the requirements of Nordic Swan Ecolabelling for car, boat and train care products.

Our Librateric BA range consists of a series of low foam, salt free, amphoteric dipropionate surfactants, which act as hydrotropes and stabilisers in acidic and alkaline solutions containing nonionic surfactants. As well as this, our Librateric BA series also exhibits synergistic effects with nonionic surfactants, enabling the incorporation of low levels of surfactant in formulations.

Librateric BA 40

  • Librateric BA 40 is a 40% concentrated Sodium amphoteric surfactant at ~ pH 8.5

Librateric BA 60

  • Librateric BA 60 is a 60% concentrated Sodium amphoteric surfactant at ~ pH 6.5

Librateric BA 70

  • Librateric BA 70 is a concentrated Potassium amphoteric surfactant at ~ pH 8.5

Product Applications

Our Librateric BA product range is recommended for industrial cleaning applications requiring low foaming. Applications include Industrial & Institutional Cleaning, Vehicle Cleaning, Food Industry Cleaning and Household & Institutional Hard Surface Cleaning.

For more information about our Librateric range, or any of our other products, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.

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