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Progress Update: Additional new 60,000 litre reactor pushes betaine manufacturing capacity to 52,000 tonnes per annum.

Here at Libra, we are beyond excited to announce that we have taken delivery of our new 60,000 litre reactor  to further expand the capacity of our Librateric Betaine range of products. This reactor will push the total betaine manufacturing capacity to 52,000 tpa.

This reactor is part of our current multi-million investment in bringing novel low-salt betaines to market that will deliver incredible benefits to formulators. The whole new system is now only two months away from commissioning.










What is special about this reactor?

A few things are pretty special about this reactor. First up is the size. At 60,000 litres capacity it is possibly the largest such batch reactor in Europe – matching Libra’s existing 60,000 litre betaine reactor.

Second are the materials of construction. Libra’s bespoke-designed betaine reactors are constructed from a special duplex alloy to the highest engineering standards. This absolutely minimises corrosion and pitting in the alkaline and salt containing process environment – which can cause impurities in the betaine, as happens with standard stainless steel reactors. The result is long life, reliability, and outstanding product quality!

In conjunction with its existing two sister betaine reactors, and huge storage capacity on site, this new installation enables a large, flexible, and highly reliable betaine supply chain from Libra.



For more information about our new 60,000 litre reactor installed on our Irlam based plant and the quality products that we offer please visit our website or get in touch with a member of our team.

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