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Reduce your costs by using Rapeseed Diethanolamide (Libranol RDG-LA) as your next non-ionic surfactant

In Q4 of 2017 we have again seen dramatic volatility in the CNO and PKO markets, this has been attributed to many different effects; El Nino, increased usage in biofuels and use of coconut oil in the personal care and food industry.

Overall this has led to significant increases in prices of Coco-Diethanolamide (Libranol CDG).

However, is there an answer that formulators haven’t considered?

Rapeseed Oil (RSO) remains stable, is highly sustainable, greener than alternative, majority is EU produced, while adding excellent properties and savings on raw material costs.

Scientists at Libra Speciality Chemicals have successfully reformulated one of our laundry detergent concentrates (Libradet 55) to incorporate Libranol RDG-LA, which maintains performance and addresses the price challenges compared to coconut oil based products.

To help reformulate with Libranol RDG please contact the sales team at Libra who will be happy to help, or see our presentation.

Call us on: 0161 775 1888 or Email:

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