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RSPO certification reinforces Libra commitment to ethically sourced palm oil

Ethically sourced palm oil

Libra Speciality Chemicals has received certification from Intertek GmbH confirming compliance with the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard, reinforcing its commitment to using ethically sourced raw materials and providing sustainable solutions for its customers.

Certification from the RSPO (a not-for-profit organisation committed to the sustainable procurement and use of palm oil across the entire supply chain) will guarantee that sustainability standards have been met for Libra’s use of palm kernel oil-based materials to manufacture coco alkanolamides, amide oxides and cocamidopropyl betaines.

Meeting the growing demand for sustainable products

As the demand from both consumers and retailers for ethically sourced, sustainable products gathers momentum, Libra’s ability to provide RSPO-certified ingredients marks a step change for its customers. For the first time, Libra customers can be reassured that they are making a meaningful contribution to the global drive for sustainable palm oil use, supporting efforts to limit deforestation, damage to natural habitats and the relocation of indigenous people in palm oil-producing regions. At the same time, choosing RSPO-certified products will help Libra customers to meet their own environmental policy targets and strengthen their competitive edge by offering certified sustainable products to their buyers.

‘Importantly, this RSPO certification will give our customers peace of mind that the standard of production for Libra’s palm oil products is sustainable,’ commented Rob Wiles, Technical Manager, Libra.

The dangers of unsustainable palm oil

  • Large-scale deforestation in high‑conservation-value ecosystems
  • Loss of critical habitat for endangered species
  • Eviction of forest-dwelling peoples
  • Soil erosion
  • Air pollution
  • Soil and water pollution
  • Climate change

Source: WWF. Environmental and social impacts of palm oil production. (accessed 22 February 2018)

Guaranteeing sustainability across the Libra portfolio

Product ranges that will carry the RSPO certification include Libranox (non-ionic surfactants) and Libranol (alkanolamide surfactants), which have a large number of applications across the household cleaning and personal care industries.

Maintaining the certification to guarantee sustainability across the supply chain demands adherence to a set of strict conditions, which help to minimise the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities in palm oil-producing regions.

In manufacturing these products, Libra will only source raw palm kernel oil-based materials from RSPO-certified suppliers, verifying their compliance independently through additional specification checks. Furthermore, Libra will maintain accurate and transparent records of palm-oil procurement and product-manufacturing volumes, submitting an Annual Communication of Progress report to the RSPO at the end of every year.

‘Libra has been affiliated with the RSPO since 2014 and we are proud to support its endeavour to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm. With this recent certification, we are delighted that we and our customers are able to play our part in helping to protect the planet, its animals and its people, while also promoting fair trade for plantation workers,’ said Rob.

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Explore the benefits of RSPO-certified products by contacting the Libra team:

Learn more about the importance of sustainable palm oil use by visiting the RSPO website

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