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Sales Team Spotlight – Anna Holroyd: International Sales Manager

Anna joined the Libra team in June 2019 in a newly created role, as the Internal Account Representative for one of our largest key Contract and Toll Manufacturing customers. In February 2020 she was promoted to be our Internal Account Coordinator, taking on responsibility for our UK and International accounts. By September 2020, she became the International Sales Manager at Libra and works with our partners and customers around the world to deliver our high-quality range of surfactants and speciality chemical products.

Anna has brought a wealth of knowledge with her to Libra. She graduated in 2018 with a first-class honours degree in Chemistry from The University of Manchester, having completed course modules covering the full range of inorganic, physical, organic, environmental, bioinorganic, computational, and analytical chemistry. As a result of this, Anna possesses an exceptional overall technical grounding and is an invaluable asset to the sales team when providing technical, formulation and application advice to our customers.

We caught up with Anna to ask her what her favourite elements of the International Sales role were, and where she sees Libra in the future…

‘’Libra is providing me with incredible career opportunities and working with the team here is a dream job. I like the regular interaction that I have with our customers, and I enjoy working to achieve a true partnership which goes beyond supply by providing both technical and regulatory advice and establishing long-term relationships.’’

Anna continued ‘’I see Libra continuing to grow as a reputable and sophisticated provider to the global Chemical Industry. The ongoing, substantial capital investments being made to our Manchester UK site are very exciting and I enjoy witnessing the business continue to expand in new technologies, new markets and new territories.’’

Finally, we asked her what she thinks the most important area of our industry is at present…

‘’I think the concept of ‘Green Chemistry’ is the most vital area of our industry at the moment. With the rising focus on environmental sustainability, we are proud to continue to invest in making our manufacturing processes cleaner, greener, anti-pollution, and more energy-efficient.’’

As part of Anna’s ongoing personal development, earlier this year Libra entered her for the Chemicals Northwest ‘Young Talent in the Chemical Industry’ Award, which she won, reflecting her extensive chemical knowledge and professionalism within the workplace. We would like to thank Anna for her consistent hard work and look forward to seeing her career progress with us even further in the coming years!


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